Thursday, 2 April 2009

Seville is in the money

I am just going to thack this onto the paper and edit it later. I landed OK in Seville, well, with a little help from the pilot. I found the airport a little lacking in facilities though. I had hoped for an ATM that had some money in it or a bureau de change. Neither seemed much in evidence but a line of travel weary but philosophical Spaniards not quite moaning about the inconvenience made it almost worthwhile. I managed to change some money at the Iberian airways desk and lost about 50p in the process due to a spontaneous 1 for 1 excahnge rate. This loss was offset rather well though by the lady manning the the information desk. When I asked her for change she gave me 2E30 which was the exact change for the bus and wouldn´t hear of me breaking my note. I told her she should be promoted. It got still more interesting money wise when I arrived at the hostel and they had charged me for two nights including the one I had cancelled. They refunded this including a seemingly random extra Euro that had ventured onto the bill from nowhere.

I think I am obsessesed with money. It is not that I love it, it´s just that it seems to get involved in all aspects of life. There you go, the only escape is service, voluntary work and true compassion.

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