Friday, 3 April 2009

Food Hike Day Two Seville

Well, I must say it can be difficult managing more than one obsession, but I´ll try. As if there wasn´t enough to worry about regarding money, there´s also food to get ones mental teeth into. I suppose a day that inlcudes seeing one of the world´s most spectacular Cathedrals need not be dominated by food in principle. Add to that the opportunity to view some of the maps made by 16th Century Spanish explorerers in the Archive of the Indias and that amounts to surely at least a temporary distraction from the process of buying, preparing and eating food. I have to say I found the documents quite breathtaking, things like the first map of Mexico and pen and ink outlines of Florida and Cuba. Wow! I think I have my dad to blame, genetically, for an interest in archives. I haven´t even mentioned the spectacular Alcazar, the little brother to Granada´s Alahambra but certainly quite spectacular. Amazing- a civilisation that makes swirly bits on building in a style so different to ours it can take your breath away.

It is great to be here and I am starting to feel a bit of good old ´straight buzz´. It is just that I seem to be spending half the time in food related activities. This food plan I am is quite limited including further restrictions due to the presence of a couple of gut nasties that you don´t want to know about. That´s part of the reason why I walked across the city with no fewer than two backpacks stuffed with food. It might have been my imagination but I am sure my heavy laden appearance - imagine a backpack with three Ewoks hanging off my back and further bag with two Ewoks in the front - caused some mirth and casual comment from people in Cafes. (They didn´t know this was against my principles).

I got this food at a dawn raid on a local supermarket that did sell food but only at prices that stang. It did strike me though that this period of a weakened pound might be good not only for our exports but to feed the domestic market with home grown products. That´s my policy and I am sticking to it. It could be the beginning of an argyument for protectionism.

When I arrived at the hostal it had a sign on the bedside table about not eating and not drinking that with the best will in the world I will not be able to comply with - weighing and measuring dried quinoa in a bench down by the river the only viable alternative.

Later, I met some of the friends of Bill W in a home for retired nuns. One of whom was quite strident in directing me down the corridor to the location of the meeting. I found the room and met the guys. Everyone seemed to be called Antonio. Strangely, the secretary misheard my name also as Antonio and I was temporarily able to join the party - until I corrected him that is. I may have imagined it but I think he looked a bit disappointed. The leader, Antonio, gave me some literature in Spanish for practice which I have taken to heart in preparation for a potential inaugarul share in Spanish. Who knows? It might even make more sense than my Italian share (I hope so).

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