Thursday, 13 August 2015

Black starlight

We lost Dad about a year ago. It's been a hard road of grief, most days showing a new depth to the loss. So many amazing things happening all round generating that blend of joy of grief. Ever knowing and living the truth love will show the way out. Where dark blackened chambers within are revealed to be the dark earth in which new life can emerge. In Him, grief is the process which brings an increase in the capacity to love. Love to my wife, mum, Bro and to the King.

Black Starlight
A big man implodes
And leaves
An imprint of his shrinkage
And disease within.

It's a family breakdown:
A bad good Friday
Every day of this trip
Around the star

There seems no way through
The debris
Of a collapsed heart

And it ends there
If you were not the beginning
And the end

But your wound proves
A perfect fit.

We can grieve
Because your tears
And grief
Go before us

Time stands still
When grace
The wound

And you whisper:
Wisdom is love
And love is wisdom

(Dad 1 year anniversary writing)

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